About Us

Yummy food :

If I have a bad day, I can lean on my THM sisters to get me back into the groove.

Start over in 3 hours :

A lot of THM is not feeling any guilt. If you eat something off plan, don’t feel guilty, just start over in 3 hours.

It works in so many ways :

If I’m not losing weight, I’m losing inches. I’ve never been able to say that before, which is why I know THM works! Make sure to grab a cloth tape measure to check your measurements throughout the process.

It makes people healthy for life :

I hate diets because a diet to me means that it’s short term. I love THM because it’s getting people off of medicines and focused on their long-term health.

Your family will get on board too :

Forget eating nasty frozen dinners. When I cook a THM meal, my family can enjoy it together. Half of the time they don’t even know they’re eating healthy.

The concepts are easy to understand :

Okay, once you understand what an “S” & “E” meal are, it’s truly simple to make the right choices.

You have lots of choices :

f you’re afraid you can’t do THM because you don’t have the power to make the right choices, you are wrong. Pearl and Serene make it SO EASY to make meals, especially with their new cookbook. I feel like I never run out of options.

You stay trim and healthy :

I have heard of so many yo-yo diets where people lose weight and then gain it. A lot of power in THM is that you can maintain your weight, once you reach goal weight.