Burn Calories

Rope Jumping :

Take out 10 minutes from your busy schedule to jump rope. Jumping rope at a moderate pace will burn around 107 calories.

Dance :

Tune into your favorite song and dance your heart out for 20 minutes. Choose high tempo music for an added kick. This will get your heart racing too, thereby burning calories.

Playing with Kids :

Spend half an hour with your kids playing casual games like hide and seek, badminton or hopscotch. Even chasing the kids can burn 120 calories.

Terrain Walking :

While walking to your office, college or health club, choose a path with uneven terrain. This will challenge the muscles to work harder, helping you burn calories.

Turn into a Jumping Jack :

Get your feet off the ground and see the pounds shedding from the body. Bouncing on a trampoline can burn 100 calories in just 27 minutes. Besides, it will also tone your thighs, legs and butts.

Cardiovascular Exercises :

If you want to expedite the calorie burning process, do cardio first. Cardio exercises will increase the heartbeat, aiding in calorie loss.

Plyometrics :

Plyometrics are high intensity explosive exercises like jumping and hopping that will get your heart rate up quickly, leading to faster calorie burning rate. You can burn more than 100 calories by doing plyometrics.

Walk :

Another easy way to boost the calorie burning process is by walking. Sitting for a long time can reduce the metabolic rate, lowering the total amount of calories burnt. Walk for 20 to 30 minutes to burn 100 calories.